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TKS Mobile Notary - Notary Service to Your Door

Client Comments

Deb is professional, knowledgeable,  and reliable. She is our go-to closer in Lansing and surrounding areas.

Mary K.

Thank you for your assistance with this closing, you did great job with a challenging lender involved. I will be happy to work with you again in the future.

Carrie F., Escrow Processor

I appreciate how you handled the post-closing situation. Thank you for stepping in and helping to get it resolved.

Chelsie M.

The closing was a very positive experience. You were very through & professional, and would love to work with you again on future closings in the Lansing area.

Kimberly P., Private Banker

Everything went great. As I have more closings coming through I will see if I can put in the request to have you as a notary.

Matt G., Mortgage Loan Officer

Thank you for your signing service. Upon our funding review, all documents were executed properly for the bank.

Jodi H., Lender

Thorough & knowledgeable

Jim B.

Very sharp business lady & personable too. Great customer service!!!

Pam A.

Deb was very personable and professional. Excellent job!

Heather M.

Friendly, easy explanations.

Geffrey C.

Unique - Gratifying

William D.

Deb helped make a good experience after the mortgage lender made a mess of things.

Shirley S.

Knowledgeable and fun to do a closing with.

Leon B.

Deborah was great to work with!

Andy H.

Deb is so professional and efficient!

Sandra M.

Deb did a fine job. She met me at my house and made the entire process simple!

Andrew F.


Jan T.

Very Personable.

Pyle B.

Deb was very professional, personal & knowledgeable!

Kim G.

Very pleasant, patient and professional.

Cynthia W.

Very professional

Mary Y.

Outstanding Service

Clarence U.

Home signing makes it so convenient. I would use this service again.

Trudy C.

Very professional and friendly.

Janet R.

Everything went very well.

Ruth B.

Deb was very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. She did a great job.

James R.

Deborah was very nice and professional.

Dawn B.

Thanks for rescheduling our initial time – really appreciated it!

Maureen G.

Everything went smoothly and I appreciate that.

Don F.

Deb was great to work with! We would definitely call her again.

Susan C.

Very friendly & professional.

Cathy A.

Explained everything we asked about easy enough for this brain injured Vet to understand.

Ken C.

Deb was very friendly and helped answer all our questions clearly.

Elisa H.

Thanks Deb for a speedy and thorough closing on our home refinance.

Lisa D.

You’re the best! Thank you again for all your support and kindness.

Sandy M.

Deb Barclay is a great closer. Very attentive, calls from the table, and follows through! I was quite impressed with her. After working in this business 30+ years I can be hard to impress!!

Sue C., Licensed Title Agent

Prompt, professional, friendly – Thanks!

Sheelyn W.

Have stamp, will travel!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Thanks Deb for a speedy and thorough closing on our home refinance.

Lisa D.


Jan T.

Deb was great to work with! We would definitely call her again.

Susan C.