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Power of Attorney

As a Mobile Notary, there are many times that I have gone to an assisted living facility, hospital, rehabilitative facility, or even an individual’s home as they pre-plan their financial and estate documents. Many times I have heard that while they have a Power of Attorney, a financial institution will not honor their document, so they need to re-sign a new form. This form is usually specific to the institution itself, and at other times, specific language is required to be contained in a Power of Attorney form.

I found this article to be helpful; and it may help cover some avenues one might not have previously thought of.…/finding-out-your-power-of-attorney…

One point really stood out to me as individuals pre-plan their financial and estate documents “…Or you can be proactive by asking a brokerage or bank if it requires its own durable power of attorney document and, if it does, having your relatives sign it when they are still capable of doing so. You’ll have to do this for every institution where they have an account.”

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Thanks for rescheduling our initial time – really appreciated it!

Maureen G.

Very professional and friendly.

Janet R.

I appreciate how you handled the post-closing situation. Thank you for stepping in and helping to get it resolved.

Chelsie M.